Our Services

Please browse through the Watts Realty list of services below and let us know what your specific need is. We are a small, locally owned company with a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and connections. We take pride in the opportunity to serve our clients with integrity. At Watts we always ensure a seamless and fair experience for both the buyer and seller.

Watts Real Estate Listings

We will take care of all your Residential, Land, and Commercial needs! Call Watts Realty to list your property and we will make sure the word gets out! We advertise through newspapers, real estate publications, signage, Internet exposure, and flyers. We can walk you through every aspect of the listing and selling processes and explain the various financing options available to you.


Auctions are one of the fastest ways of selling Virginia Real Estate. Sellers can actually choose their own sale date! We are a full-service auction provider with a proven track record of success. Your marketing options would include newspaper, direct mail, radio, Internet, television, signage, and public relations. Pictures will be taken of your property and placed on our website.

Your upcoming sale will also appear on auctionzip.com, and the NAA and VAA websites. Take advantage of this great method of sale if your best interest is selling!

Timber Sales and Marketing

If you are looking to buy or sell timber, we offer several ways to do so. We will sell your timber for the highest dollar by direct or sealed bid sales. We have a full time timber professional who can bring in the most for your timber resources!

Watts Realty Appraisal Services

Watts Realty offers appraisals on estates, equipment, liquidations, antiques, and construction. Call us to find out the value of your  personal property!

City and County Government Services

Among all of this we have provided services for attorneys, trustees, and city and county government agencies by listing properties involving foreclosures or bankruptcy. We can help you with any need.